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Why is liver screening important?

The liver is the largest gland of our body and performs many vital functions that keep us healthy.  The liver performs a number of vital bodily functions, such as: removing contaminants from the blood, converting the nutrients from the food you eat, storing minerals and vitamins, regulating blood clotting, producing proteins, enzymes, and bile, making factors that fight infection and maintaining hormone balances. Problems with liver function can lead to serious illness and even death. Hence if you are at risk for liver failure your doctor may advise you to undergo periodic liver screening. 

The following Causes and Risk Factors for Liver Disease

  • Alcoholism
  • Patients with autoimmune hepatitis
  • Bile duct disorders
  • Exposure to toxins through ingestion, inhalation, or skin absorption
  • Hereditary conditions (e.g., Wilson’s disease, hemochromatosis, galactosemia, Alagille syndrome, alpha-1 anti-trypsin (AAT) deficiency, type 1 glycogen storage disease)
  • Obesity
  • Severe reactions to certain prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medications
  • Viruses (primarily hepatitis A [HAV], hepatitis B [HBV], or hepatitis C [HCV])

What is the Manipal Liver Screening Package

The Manipal liver screening package includes the following tests and a consultation with the gastroenterologist.

  • Platelet Count
  • Liver function tests: These are a set of test which helps assess the health of your liver and ensure by measuring levels of proteins, enzymes, or bilirubin in your blood. These tests measure how well the liver creates albumin, a protein, and disposes of bilirubin, a waste product of the blood. An abnormally low level of albumin and high level of bilirubin can indicate your liver is not functioning properly.
  • HBSAG to detect Hepatitis B infection
  • Hepatitis C Virus Antibody – Elisa to detect Hepatitis C infection
  • Ultrasound of Abdomen

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