Standard Process And Work Flow


Upon your confirmation on the date of arrival, Manipal International Patient Care would arrange for the airport pickup facility (Either an ambulance / ICU Ambulance or a private vehicle) based on the patient’s medical condition. You would be greeted at the Airport by a representative of the Manipal International Patient care team and escorted to your hotel/hospital based on the itinerary.

Currency exchange facility available near the reception, Special translation services, 24-hour room service, In-house pantry, Local tour services is some of the benefits you are entitled to get from our services.

Important documents to be presented on your arrival

We expect you to have the following when you arrive at our international patient care center:

  • Your appointment letter
  • Hospital card of your previous visits, if any
  • Your recent medical reports (including scans, X-rays, blood tests etc.)
  • Details of prescribed drugs which you are presently on
  • Identity Proof
  • Insurance card
  • Passport size photograph ( 10 ) for both the patients and the attendant
  • The local mandate like Yellow fever vaccination if your country’s immigration demands as a mandate ( Please check with your travel agent / Indian Embassy at your country of residence )

Arrival and Registration at our hospital

Upon your arrival (you will be escorted by our coordinator from the airport to our hospital either by an ambulance or a private transport), we will take you to your allotted ward.

You will be given some time to rest before being taken to our doctors for consultation. In case you need some more time to settle down before consulting our doctors, feel free to call our International Patient care department and inform us in advance so that we can fix a suitable appointment time for you.

On your appointment, you will need to bring the documents mentioned above Once you have consulted our doctor, you will be taken back to your ward by our nurse/staffs. Our international patient care will help you with registration process as per our local laws.

We give extra care to pediatric patients at our international patient care center. Our nurses will check your child’s height, weight, pulse rate, and body temperature. To make your child feel comfortable, we have established a special playroom where your child can play some of his or her favorite games. You can hand over all your child’s medicine and prescriptions to our nurses and give your child the mother’s care that he or she will love to have while playing.

Services available at the hospital

24/7 Room services

We have housekeepers servicing each ward to make you feel comfortable. Here is how they will help you:

  • Getting you snacks, water, medicines etc.
  • Assisting you with your menu
  • Giving you information on the local stores and facilities available in the neighborhood
  • Provide extra cot/bedding
  • Arranging/cleaning your room

There will be an international patient hostess who will take care of your essential needs like arranging a language translator, setting up appointments and meetings, giving you information on the various transport options and more.


We have a neatly-maintained cafeteria operated by expert chefs and nutritionists. You will get a variety of healthy food and can enjoy the local taste prepared in a hygienic manner. We also provide custom-made menu and various meal plan options.

In case you want international cuisine, you can head to the nearby star hotels and take your taste buds for a munchy-crunchy treat

Interpretation Service

English is widely spoken in Bangalore. Most of our support staffs will be able to pick up your message. However, patients who do not speak English can request for translators and interpreters, though they may have to send an advance request before 48 hours so that the hospital can make arrangements.

Safety & Security

We want people to know that we do not compromise on safety aspects. Patient care and patient safety are of prime concern to us. Manipal Hospital has strict security regulations. Hi-tech devices and able manpower are used to maintain a safe and secure surrounding for our international patients. Constant reviewing of the process is done and issues are solved in no time.

Attending to all the needs of international patients during a stay at Manipal Hospitals is our mission. We do not give any of our patients the opportunity to complain about their stay. The trust of many foreign nationals over the past years is a testimony of our excellence in international patient care. You would be assigned a Care Manager on your arrival at the hospital. You may contact him/her at any time during your stay to address your concerns.

Insurance Assistance

Manipal International Patient Care is impaneled with over 40 International insurance companies. On arrival, kindly check with an International patient team with regard to your insurance so as to facilitate a cashless treatment (Subject to the availability of insurance at our network)

Other Assistance

We also do Appointment Assistance, Insurance Assistance, Embassy and Legal Assistance, Ward Assistance, and Local Sim Card / Forex / Travel Assistance.

Consultation and Treatment

  • After your arrival, you will be given some time to rest and overcome the jetlag. Our nurses and support staff will assist you in all possible ways until you settle down in your ward.
  • Then you need to take some important documents like appointment letter, personal identification proof, your previous medical test reports, insurance card etc. after which you will be taken to your appointed doctor for your first consultation.
  • After a detailed check-up and assessment of your medical condition, you will be accompanied by your appointed co-coordinator to the ward.
  • After several appointments and tests, the doctor will suggest you what type of surgery or treatment is appropriate for you. This will be the most important phase of your visit.
  • We also have our nurses and support staffs are there to assist you in all possible ways you want. During your stay at our hospital, you can leverage access to phones, internet-connected computers, our local drug store etc. We also have a well-maintained canteen where you can have healthy food.