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Manipal Vedic Lifecare Clinic

Vedic Lifecare Clinic has been set up in Nigeria with the objective of enhancing the standard and providing quality healthcare. Established with clinical and management support from Manipal Health Enterprises (MHE), it is a first-of-its-kind medical facility in this region. The clinic offers a range of advanced healthcare curative, preventive, wellness and aesthetic services, all under one roof. The services are customised basis each individual’s lifestyle and family medical history. This clinic reiterates MHE’s commitment to provide advanced yet affordable healthcare services in all locations wherever a MHE entity is present.
Vedic Lifecare Clinic operates on the lines of Manipal Care and Cure (MCC), a multispecialty neighbourhood polyclinic and a widely accepted model of healthcare services in India. It houses the latest diagnostic equipment and offers the best medical expertise to its ‘guests’ in the region.
This diagnostic polyclinic runs from 8:00 AM in the morning to 8:00 PM at night. Backed by state-of-the-art medical equipment, technology and expert clinicians, the clinic has been set up with the objective to enhance the level of healthcare services for the people of Nigeria and Lagos and has introduced several firsts in the provision of medical care in the region, namely:

  • A 1.5T MRI machine
  • Ultra-modern, highly sophisticated electronic medical record systems
  • Software systems to generate quick medical reports
  • Local medical personnel and paramedics trained at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, India

With the aim to boost the level of basic healthcare management and services, Vedic Lifecare Clinic has introduced the latest in medical technology to ensure precise results on all diagnostic tests and timely feedbacks from the clinical experts.


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