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To tackle various disorders pertaining to the nervous system, the Department of Neurological Disorders at Manipal Hospitals offers comprehensive services in neurology as well as neurosurgery.

With the latest technology and a team of world renowned neurologists and neurosurgeons, many of whom are faculty members with extensive experience in teaching and research to its credit. In fact, many of them are also on the board of international neurological societies and have published many research papers.

Disorders of the nervous system such as dementia, epilepsy, movement disorders, chronic pains, sleep disorders, headaches, multiple sclerosis and various other neuro-muscular diseases are effectively handled here. The department of Neurology caters to about 600 in-patients and more than 6000 out-patients every year. It also conducts about 1500 major neurological surgeries annually.

Today, the department of Neurology at Manipal is regarded as one of the leading centers in the country, an accomplishment that is possible mainly because of the acclaimed team of neurologists and neurosurgeons, the infrastructure of the hospital and the advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies that are available to them. This department is also present across most of the group hospitals of Manipal.


Other Treatments provided include

  • Head Injury (Stable)
  • Intraspinal tumors
  • AVM surgery
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Movement Disorders
  • Brain tumor
  • Cerebral Aneurysm
  • Movement disorders
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Vascular malformation
  • Head injuries

Patient Testimonials

  • Patient was a victim of one of the rarest of rare disease called Moyamaya where the brain does not get adequate blood due to blockage in arteries of the brain. She underwent left and right sided STA-MCA bypass surgery. Extra blood supply was provided to the brain by suturing an artery which supplies the scalp to the artery of the brain using very fine sutures.

  • My name is Mrs Patsy Kiddo I’m 35 years old I am from Seychelles and I was having symptoms of severa headache for the past two years. I was admitted to to the local hospital for 10 days. They diagnosed that I have tumor. I have a friend in Qatar and I spoke to her regarding the what the symptoms I was having. She is the one who found out the Manipal hospital, We came here the two weeks ago and the first impression that the came here, when we saw the International team and everybody, it was like WOW ! You feel at ease, the welcoming, ushering the nursing services are very good.

    They come and check on you if everything is okay. Now after the surgery I feel much better, no more of that severe headache a no more moodswings. My life has changed. The best mart of the hospital is the international frontdesk, the nurses and the doctor. Dr Paritosh explained every detail to me that that is exactly my experince and how I feel now.

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