General Surgery

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General surgery is a specialty dealing with pre-operative, operative and post-operative management of surgical problems of all kinds; especially those related to the abdomen, alimentary canal, soft tissues, endocrine system and, in many cases, the head and the neck. Patients who are critically ill or gravely injured are first brought to this department so that they can be stabilized before the next step of treatment. At Manipal Hospitals, we have a highly experienced team of general surgeons who excel in such critical situations. The doctors are specially trained to conduct emergency surgeries to contain excessive bleeding, bowel obstructions, organ perforations, burns and abdominal trauma. Other than emergencies, they also routinely carry out operations for complications such as appendicitis, hernia, gallbladder removal, thyroid and removal of tumors.

Other Treatments provided include

Minimally invasive surgery is also known as keyhole surgery, band aid surgery and laproscopic surgery. It is a modern day surgical technique, wherein a small incision of about 0.5-1.5 cm wide is made to perform surgeries in the abdomen. It has many benefits over traditional open surgery, namely; less pain, lesser infection risk, reduced chances of hemorrhage and post-operative scarring, reduced need for pain medication and shorter hospital stay. Laparoscopic procedures carried out include:

  • ¬†Cholecystectomy
  • Appendicectomy and Hernia repair
  • Splenectomy and Colectomy
  • Pancreatic Pseudocyst Drainage
  • Surgery for Morbid Obesity
  • Hepatobilliary and Pancreatic Disease
  • Endocrine and Colorectal surgeryI

Patient Testimonials

  • My name is Mrs Patsy Kiddo I’m 35 years old I am from Seychelles and I was having symptoms of severa headache for the past two years. I was admitted to to the local hospital for 10 days. They diagnosed that I have tumor. I have a friend in Qatar and I spoke to her regarding the what the symptoms I was having. She is the one who found out the Manipal hospital, We came here the two weeks ago and the first impression that the came here, when we saw the International team and everybody, it was like WOW ! You feel at ease, the welcoming, ushering the nursing services are very good.

    They come and check on you if everything is okay. Now after the surgery I feel much better, no more of that severe headache a no more moodswings. My life has changed. The best mart of the hospital is the international frontdesk, the nurses and the doctor. Dr Paritosh explained every detail to me that that is exactly my experince and how I feel now.

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