Kidney Transplant and Kidney Transplant cost in India

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Our body converts the food we eat into energy. The food that is not used up becomes the waste product left behind in the bowel and in the blood. This is where our kidneys do their job.

The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs, each about the size of a fist, located below the ribs toward the middle of the back. Their function is to:

  • Remove liquid waste from the blood in the form of urine.
  • Maintain a stable balance of salts and other substances in the blood.
  • Produce erythropoietin, a hormone that aids the formation of red blood cells.
  • Regulate blood pressure.

What is Kidney Disease?

The damage of the nephrons in the kidneys makes them lose their filtering capabilities and this condition is termed kidney disease. The harmful substances remain in circulation in the blood which can be life-threatening over time. Kidney disease when untreated can cause multiple organ failures and ultimately lead to death. There are different stages of kidney disease and when the person has lost 90% of the kidney function they are said to have end-stage kidney disease. A kidney transplant is the best chance of recovery and is recommended considering the kidney transplant cost in India is not as high as in other countries.

A kidney transplant is a surgical procedure performed to replace a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney from another person. One donated kidney can replace the work previously done by both your kidneys.

The donated kidney may be from:

  • A living related donor — related to the person receiving the transplant, such as a parent, sibling, or child.
  • A living unrelated donor — such as a friend or spouse.
  • A deceased donor — a person who died recently and was willing to donate his/her healthy kidney.

The healthy kidney is transported in cool salt water (saline) that preserves the organ for up to 48 hours. This gives the medical staff the time to perform tests to ensure that the donor’s and recipient’s blood and tissue match.
A person receiving a transplant usually receives only one kidney, but, in rare situations, he or she may receive two kidneys from a deceased donor. In most cases, the diseased kidneys are left in place during the transplant procedure. The transplanted kidney is implanted in the lower abdomen on the front side of the body.

kidney transplant cost in India- Package 

The need for good kidney transplant procedures in India is climbing with the steady rise in the number of patients with end-stage kidney disease. India has over 2 lakh people affected annually with end-stage kidney disease for whom dialysis or transplant is the only option. The increase in a number of cases has caused kidney transplant cost in India also to rise due to an imbalance in demand and supply ratio and other socio-economic reasons. We at Manipal Hospitals are trying to subsidize the cost so that people from all financial status are able to afford the treatment.

There are various packages to choose from. To get the exact details of the kidney transplant cost or packages we suggest you schedule an appointment with our expert kidney transplant doctors.

Dialysis at Manipal Hospitals

Dialysis is given when kidney functions have largely deteriorated and the waste material is getting accumulated in the body, as in End Stage Renal Disease(ESRD) and Acute Renal Failure(ARF). It thus helps to save a life by replacing the critical functions of the kidney. It helps to sustain life when a kidney transplant is not immediately possible to be done. It is of two main types-Hemodialysis(where the dialysis machine pumps blood through the dialyzer which cleans the blood and is then returned to the bloodstream) and Peritoneal dialysis(utilizes the lining of the abdominal cavity for the exchange). Depending on the condition of the patient, the dialysis sessions may be scheduled once to thrice per week or more. It is given under the supervision of a Nephrologist.

Mobile dialysis units have been introduced for people with renal failure who are unable to commute from their homes for the treatment.

Infrastructure and kidney dialysis cost in India

Manipal hospital is known to have the state of the art infrastructure in all departments which holds true for the nephrology department as well.
It has over 25 dialysis stations which are maintained in aseptic conditions throughout. We also offer subsidized ambulance service for easy transportation of dialysis patients. Our nocturnal dialysis service is aimed at working class to avail these services without hindering their normal routine. Our mobile dialysis unit launched a few years back has been a huge success and is equipped with clinical, technical and support staff required for dialysis. Also, we offer our kidney dialysis service at reasonable and competitive rates as compared to the Rs. 20,000 average cost per month in India. Our main aim is to help our patients get the best treatment at a reasonable cost.
Thus if you suspect that you are suffering from kidney failure or if you would like to get a second opinion from our world-class nephrologists log on to our website or call our helpline to schedule your appointment.

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