Your Opinion Matters

We are always pleased to hear your comments on the services we provide.

You can provide your feedback during your visit to the hospital or submit it online.

Your feedback can include hospital services,doctor consultation feedback, feedback on our site and how we can make it better or any other matter that concerns you regarding your care.

Remember, your feedback is important because it helps our teams understand where they need to make improvements and where they are providing a good service.

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Please tell us your story in the space provided below or by emailing to [email protected]

Feedback at Hospital

Submit your Feedback before Discharge By filling out Feedback Form at the time of Discharge

Feedback Form

What Happens to your Feedback?

The Patient Care Team and/or the doctor concerned as appropriate will review all comments from the feedback. We can see how good you think different aspects of our service are and what are the key issues we need to address. We make appointments based on your feedback and so respond back to you directly on your concerns.