What are the types of medical tourism in India?

Things to Know About Medical Tourism in India

14th June, 2018


Trying a change of scenery for better health is often an advice tossed to people with chronic health ailments.  True in an entirely different way, international patients take this advice for its merit and visit India for affordable and highly personalized healthcare. The expertise and repute of Indian doctors in their respective field is well established amongst the international patients that come from developed and developing nations alike.

Why should you visit India for healthcare and treatment?

India has emerged as the hub of medical tourism in the world owing to a potent combination of cutting-edge facilities, highly skilled doctors and above all, it’s relatively low cost of treatment compared to other developed nations, making it a preferred destination for many affluent foreigners seeking high quality but cost-effective medical treatment for their ailments. India ranks particularly high in the list for people of other nations seeking treatment in the fields of cardiology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and organ transplants, and also in allied fields such as preventive, wellness and alternative medicine.

Medical tourism is fast emerging as one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism sector in India. Estimates indicate that more than 500,000 foreign patients avail treatment in India, drawn to the high- end infrastructure of India’s famed multispecialty corporate hospitals. To facilitate a better experience for foreign patients, the Indian government has enabled visa-on-arrival for travellers from certain countries, allowing them to stay in India for up to 30 days for the treatment. Manipal Hospitals is the
most renowned multispecialty hospital with branches in different cities and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and skilled medical personnel to provide world-class healthcare to our global patients. We provide healthcare services in the complete spectrum of medical specialities in our facility.


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